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    The Placentia POA serves the city of Placentia with honor and pride.

    "Dedicated to the protect the community."

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    Welcome to the Placentia Police Officers' Association website. This website is dedicated to the professional men and women who protect the community of Placentia.

    "Honored to serve the community."

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    The members of the Placentia POA are committed to protecting those who protect. We thank all of those who risk their lives for the city of Placentia.

    "Committed to keeping the community safe".

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We proudly protect our communities, children, and families, despite the difficult year the brave men and women of Law Enforcement has had to face. It is not an easy job, but we wea...
Law enforcement officers are people like you and me who want to make a difference. Serving the communities that we all share is just a part of what these humble heroes do. Standing...
Small businesses are a major contributor to the strength of our local economy.  Literally, small businesses are the backbone of our local community and we appreciate your inve...

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